I am a backend,frontend web developer , and SEO specialist from Marrakech Morocco.

Web developer And Seo expert

I am a web developer in Marrakech and I can make your imagination true.
In my portfolio below I included some projects that I made in the demands of some clients or in school
in web technologies, I master in backend Laravel Framework and JavaEE and in frontend some JS frameworks like Angular 7, VueJs. and I have a nice knowledge of digital marketing like SEO, FB Advertise, Pinterest
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Employees management

Employees management project

Mscsecurity hire me as a web developer to make a project to manage employees, you can send message to an employee and delete, update, add an employee and check how long time he works, and also check if he is available to work. an employee can point where he is working and check his message (project made by PHP, Jquery and Ajax)

Morocco website ads

Morocco website ads like avito

this is a website that users can publish an ad for selling something or rent in many categories like Cars, houses, Services, electronics ... etc
this site made by a content management system names osclass

farm management

farm management project

as a web developer i make this app to manage a farm that sells cattle,the purpose of this app is to calculate the cost of each cattle include (medical visit , food ...), and when the owner wants to sell, the system generated automatically, a pdf includes all the ready cattle with its costs and suggested price

morocco desert tours

desert morocco trip

i work for this travel agency as a digital marketing manager , so i create for this business a website using html/css/php , and also i use seo for the site get ranked on google.

morocco hiking

morocco hiking in morocco

morocco hiking is a travel agency in marrakesh they hire our web agency to take the digital marketing side of their travel agency , so we create a web appearence for them using new strategies in digital marketing (advertising , SEO , pinterest marketing , web design ...).

Desert morocco trips from marrakech

Desert morocco trips Website

I create for B2bdiscover a webiste based In CodeIgniter with a customized CMS. our agency ALARYM do SEO for B2bDiscover with the latest techniques in SEO such as On page and also Offpage

Other Project in Progress ...